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I interviewed Simone Roitman, an extraordinary singer who shares with us her personal secret for happiness. We also learn the meaning of song and chant in our faith. Thank you for watching my videos. Remember to visit Comment and share this video!
Hoy publico la entrevista que realizamos hace semanas a Simone Roitman, extraordinaria cantante quien comparte con nosotros su secreto para la felicidad. También aprendamos lo que representa el canto en nuestra fé. Gracias por seguir estos programas. recuerden visitar y comentar esta entrega.
"It is intended that it should be viewed only by women" Performed by the siblings Simone G Roitman & Benny Gammerman. Special Participation: Danny Gamerman, Yossef, Sharon & Raphael. Dir. Ovadiah & Esther Tank W4M Studios, 2012 - LYRICS (From the introduction to Psalm 71:8-9) "VERSE" Yimaleh fi tehilatecha (My mouth shall be filled with Thy praise) 3X Kol hayom tifartecha (And with Thy glory all the day).
A beautiful music slide show with a prayer to IDF and Jews around the world. Sang by SIMONE
From Brazil To The USA: We present you with a brand new artist - SImone. For more info check out (will be available shortly). Produced by Avi Begun.